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Make your first step into the IoT World

Learn the ins and out of service design as applied to the internet of things. Learn how to create, in-house, your own design insights. Workshop can be picked alone or combined to solve a specific business case. We offer three levels of Workshop, aimed at complimenting your level of know-how and experience.


Why ? Who ? and What ?  (Strategy)

  • Personas
  • Crafting Meaningful Interactions

Service Design (Experience Design)

  • Interaction Templates
  • Crafting the user journey map

Data and behaviour

  • Data and touchpoints
  • Behavioral Inference and CXM


Explore possibilities and design your own mini-experiences on premise.
Solution Kits

Offered as hardware kits, ateliers and unlimited access to the platform for a year, you have everything you need to explore how you could make the IoT your own.



  • Catch a glimpse of what is truly happening in your space. Track visitors and map their journey path.


  • Trigger micro-moments of intimacy or magic with our ambiance kit, that let you define rules to make the space as personal as possible.


  • Trigger a web interface or use spatial movement to display

Experiment & Make

Full Lab Installation, Rapid Prototyping and Turn-Key Solutions
Creative and technical consulting
Defining the project

  • State of the Technology :  Benchmark and audit of existing solutions
  • User activity analysis and scenario design
  • Technical proof of concepts
  • Project communication tool design


  • Paper prototype
  • Minimal Viable Product (Functional prototype)
  • Integrated prototype


  • Change Management (users)
  • Technical support for new technology implementation
  • Deployment and promotion support


  • Production support
    • Technical blueprint
    • Production management
    • Compliance (technical, administrative, etc)
  • Co-creation
  • Turnkey solution : We take care of everything.

The ioTHEATRE promise

Understand and Program the physical world
No grey zones

  • Plan every step of the user journey, establish touchpoints at every junction and design the interactions for each of them.


  • Identify operational requirements, technical pitfalls and issues of obsolescence and maintenance.


  • Design and build the internal services aimed at the underpinning of the proposed experience. Make sure the experience is here to last, by making service design and operational concerns a real design principle.


  • Define priorities, ensure compliance with legal and technical frameworks and make sure that brand concerns are at the very core of the experience you are creating.

On budget and in time
Prototype on the cheap

  • Ideas are hard to gage and we help you skip the guess work. Our process and platform enable quick prototyping and hypothesis validation.

Control costs

ROI like you have never seen before
Made to last Endlessly reprogrammable Manage in-house

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