See & Think

Plan and define your objectives
* Design accurate representation of your consumers and users and save them as presets to be used in experiences.
* Explore the possible interactions between users and space
Interaction templates
* Browse our interaction templates and select a scenario to move straight to      the testing phase

Test & Learn

Gather data and edit your experience, live.
Live in-platform simulation
* Run simulation with selected hardware in software before you invest. * Run user simulations
Real-time experience analytics
* Capture live, every datapoint attached to a touchpoint. * Use the data to influence the interaction loop


The only design-driven experiential platform
Meaningful user journeys
Plan and design the entire user journey from interaction to  datapoint
A perfectly planned space
* Visually design the space with our scenographer – a one of a kind Customer Experience Editor  * Import your plans and start building your vision
Useful Interactions
ioTHEATRE is equiped with a Rule engine


Faster and without worry.

One-click deployment

* With one click, we deliver you a package or key that enables you to deploy your project without hassle

Connects with everything

Widgets and APIs

Get Started