New lens on your customer experiences


  • Create a display and mesure its efficacy
  • Observe interest center and shape better display

Product interaction

  • See how your customers interact with your merchandize
  • Capture data point across the customer journey and predict sales.
  • Cross-reference customer’s preference to create an in-store shopping profile

Immersive Showroom

  • Display content based on customer’s product selection
  • Create immersive multisensorial showrooms
  • Monetize your space by adding a layer of content marketing for 3rd party vendors

Extended inventory browsing

  • Show your entire selection without needing the space
  • Display product information, alternate size, as naturally as asking a salesperson
  • Create a feedback loop between your retail and online presence, to ensure that every customers has access to your entire selection.

Beyond metrics : Personalized KPIs

  • Move beyond big data and trends and create personal data
  • Create a profile for every visitor, link it with their online account to complete the loop
  • Personalize offering and communication based on data collected in real-time for added conversion.

Learning Spaces

The future has arrived and is evenly distributed


    • Browse extensive catalog and preview content
    • Create specialized features to help visitors learn better
    • Educate with an immersive content space

Higher education

    • Craft immersive educational spaces to drive learning and comprehension
    • Visualize complex concepts and interact with data with gestures
    • Design a media room that helps you conceive ideas of tomorrow


    • Design wayfinding mechanisms to ensure proper movement through the space
    • Create a personalized experience by collecting and using data to trigger special content.
    • Capture visitors behaviours and movement to allow for better planning and management.

Private Institutions

    • Create an innovation center inside your organization to experiment with future technology
    • Capture and map patterns in movement to maximize space use
    • Manage access and privileges



  • Design simple automations patterns
  • Ensure compliance and constant communication with key personel
  • Enable interconnectivity between communication systems

Office Management

  • Manage workspaces intelligently
  • Design workflow around employees activity
  • Track entries, movement and share information with relevant personel

Intelligent workspace

  • Voice-activate simple commands such as record, film and detect
  • Design complex rules to extend the space’s possibilities
  • Automate attendence, notetaking and other basic functions


More bangs for your buck


  • Design a unique experience for attendees that showcases true ROI
  • Capture every action, movement and interactions of every attendee.
  • Create areas of interest and trigger experiences based on attendee data

Performance – Concerts – Festival

  • Create a unique experience and enable for integrated marketing campaigns
  • Design complex content installation that reacts to attendees, music, sound, etc
  • Simplify intensive process such as payment, access and security with attendee device.