The first Real-Time Customer Experience Management platform.

A new lens on your space

A spatial analytics and visual journey mapping tool connected to sensors in the physical world that lets you keep an eye on how people interact with your experiences. Modify your experience to test new ideas or recreate successes in new environments.

The Plaform

ioTHEATRE is simply the fastest way to measure, design, manage and deploy rich iot enabled experiences.
See & Think

Understand how people behave in your space


Explore new configurations, messages and interactions


Once you understand what works, make it better, and engage your customers


Rapidly prototype, Deploy in minutes, not in days (or weeks) and drive all your customer experience from one platform.


Retail, Events, Museums and Workspaces. Learn More

Workshops & Labs

Learn the ins and out of service design as applied to the internet of things. Learn how to create, in-house, your own design insights. Workshop can be picked alone or combined to solve a specific business case. We offer three levels of workshop, aimed at complimenting your level of know-how and experience.  Learn more

Solution Kits

Invisible Catch a glimpse of what is truly happening in your space. Track visitors and map their journey path. Ambiance Trigger micro-moments of intimacy or magic with our ambiance kit, that let you define rules to make the space as personal as possible. Interactive Trigger a web interface or use spatial movement to display.  Learn more

Custom Projects

We offer Creative and technical consulting to Define, Design, Build and Manage the internal services aimed at the underpinning of the proposed experience. Make sure the experience is here to last, by making service design and operational concerns a real design principle.  Learn more


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